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Please note, we are NOT associated with the clothing brand, we are a fine jewelry company. 



We want your jewelry to last, so it is important to take care of your precious pieces.

Emeralds are particularly fragile stones and require special care. Never put your emerald piece in an ultrasonic cleaner or use harsh chemical cleaners. When cleaning your emerald use mild-soap & water to gently scrub, or a soft microfiber cloth to remove oil and dirt. Please avoid knocking your emerald on hard surfaces. Enamel can be damaged by chemicals, please avoid contact with chemicals.

To clean enamel use mild-soap & water to gently scrub, or a soft microfiber cloth to remove oil and dirt. For best care, take off your emerald and enamel pieces when showering, swimming & doing dishes. Store your jewelry in a dry space, separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches.

Bead necklaces are not meant to be worn in water. Please remove before swimming or showering.


If you have any questions about fit/size before ordering, or if you would like additional photos of a piece, please contact with questions.

If you are unsure of your finger size, we recommend ordering a metal ring sizer. For wide bands, we recommend ordering a wide band ring sizer. These bands come in ½ sizes, but we can do quarter sizes if you are between two sizes.

Most rings can be resized up or down a 1/2 size. If we are able to resize the ring without remaking it, a standard fee of $150 is charged.

Due to the design or stone settings in a ring we need to evaluate the style and desired ring size on a case-by-case basis. Rings with diamonds/stones all of the way around, Greek Pattern, or enamel cannot be resized. Some styles may need to be remade to achieve the desired ring size. We will provide a quote & timeline if the ring needs to be remade.